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Powerful Marketing Promotion:

1.News and Magazines: domestic dominant news such as Economic Daily, Business News, China Times, United Daily News, leading news of China, and related professional magazines and news paper.

2.Invitation Letters: 1,000,000 invitation letter will be sent to relative exhibitor, visitors, embassies, trade & business development associations and industrial associations by emails according to our recent years database systems(2011-2016).
3.Invitation Cards and Buyer’s Guide: 500,000 invitation cards will be posted to embassies, trade & business development associations and industrial associations, overseas agencies in China, media partners, exhibitors’ intentional visitors, and so on to professional visitors. 
4.SMS(short message service) : 300,000 SMS will be sent to exhibitor, embassies, trade & business development associations, industrial associations and media partners at early stage of the show; 700,000 will be sent to professional visitors , embassies, trade & business development associations, industrial associations and media partners at middle and later periods of the show.

5.Websites and Media: We have more than 350 media partners at home and abroad. We have our expo information on their websites, show portals, papers, news channels, magazines, and so on.

6.Main Countries and Regions of Overseas:The organizing committee will spread and issue show information to Automotive powerhouse, such as USA, Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Japan, South Korea, etc., and the regions of Europe, North America, Asia and so on by official websites, invitations & letters, media partners, agents, magazines, mews, show portals, emails, etc.

Value-added Service:

1. Release participating information & news for exhibitors, such as products & technologies, booth No., relative news, etc;

2. Information of company & products will be printed in the Show Directory Books;

3. Exhibitors’name, logo location will be printed in Show Guide;

4. Offer show invitation for customers and visitor cards(only for national exhibitors, offices, branches and agencies in China );

5. Offering assistance for tickets, hotel, translators, etc;

6. On-site cleaning and security;

7. Vip rooms for specified purchase groups & customers.